How to Invest in OpenAI and Chat GPT

In November 2022 A new chatbot called ChatGPT has been released by OpenAI company, which shook the entire web a bit.

Before ChatGPT, chatbots had very limited functionality, but with the advent of'artificial intelligence (IA), Things changed suddenly.

Already in its initial release stages, ChatGPT was so powerful that it could generate programming code, write entire essays, answer complex questions and even create haiku and poems.

Since, several companies like Google and Microsoft have released their own AI chatbots.

But ChatGPT has continued to grow in popularity, generating revenues of $300 million in 2023 e $1 billion in 2024.

If you're looking to invest in ChatGPT shares, I have bad news for you: OpenAI is not listed on the stock exchange.

This means that you cannot invest directly in ChatGPT through traditional stock trading.

That said, you can still gain exposure to it by buying shares of relevant companies that collaborate with OpenAI and contribute to the future of AI.


OpenAI partners with several companies you could invest in to get exposure to ChatGPT. Some of these companies include:

Microsoft (MSFT)


Microsoft has a strong partnership with OpenAI and has integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine.

Investing in Microsoft could offer indirect exposure to OpenAI and its technologies.

Google (Alphabet Inc. – GOOG, GOOGL)

Alphabet (Google)

Google is also committed to AI development and has launched its AI chatbot called Gemini (formerly Bard).

Investire in Alphabet Inc. could offer exposure to Google's AI initiatives and possible collaborations with OpenAI.

Amazon (AMZN)


Amazon has integrated AI into various aspects of its business and offers AI and machine learning services through Amazon Web Services.

Investing in Amazon could offer exposure to AI technologies that could intersect with OpenAI developments.

Nvidia (NVDA)


Nvidia provides high-end chips for running advanced AI applications and has been a key player in the AI ​​industry.

Investing in Nvidia could offer exposure to the hardware side of AI, which is crucial for AI applications like ChatGPT.

The companies mentioned above are directly connected to OpenAI, but they are not the only ones working on emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

If you want to create a diversified shareholder portfolio, consider this list of actions related to the AI ​​industry:

  1. NVIDIA (NVDA): Leading AI company with advanced graphics processing solutions (GPU) used in different sectors such as AI, gaming e data center.
  2. Alphabet (GOOGL): Parent company of Google, with extensive experience in developing AI technologies, including machine learning and computer vision. It launched its own AI called Gemini (formerly Bard) and invests in new areas such as healthcare and the automotive industry.
  3. Microsoft (MSFT): Company investing heavily in AI, developing solutions for various sectors including healthcare, education and retail. It integrates artificial intelligence into its cloud and productivity solutions and has its own AI chat integrated into the search engine – Copilot.
  4. IBM (IBM): Historic company in the technology sector with a strong presence in the field of artificial intelligence. It offers AI solutions for data analysis, machine learning and robotics, and collaborates with various industries to develop customized AI solutions.
  5. Synopsys (SNPS): Leading company in the field of design and verification software for the semiconductor industry. It offers advanced solutions for AI and high-performance integrated circuit design.
  6. Cadence Design Systems (CDNS): Leading company in the field of design and verification software for the semiconductor industry. It offers advanced solutions for AI and system simulation.
  7. Inc. (AI): Startup specialized in developing AI software for industry. It offers an integrated platform for building custom AI solutions for different applications.
  8. Palantir Technologies (PLTR): Company specialized in data management and big data analysis. It offers AI solutions for data analysis and visualization in various industries.
  9. CrowdStrike (CRWD): Leading cybersecurity company using AI technologies to protect organizations from advanced cyber threats.
  10. Salesforce (CRM): Leading CRM software company increasingly integrating AI technologies into its solutions to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

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